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      Lube-Shuttle  Lubrication Kit, Air Operated Grease Applicators and Dispenser
      Description               Images and specifications can be subject to change without notice  Part No.
      Lube-Shuttle Lubrication Kit
      Kit includes:

      Lube-Shuttle System Side-Lever Grease-Gun
      with special connector,
      rigid tube E4024 with swivel nut for
      easy and safe screw-on to the grease gun,
      safety rubber hose RH-30C with 4-jaw hydraulic coupler,
      rigid tube with slide-on connector SK16
      rigid tube for driveshaft F4020,
      each with snap-on coupling,
      conical and universal connector

      All parts safely stored in carry-along case

      Lube-Shuttle® lubrication  kit                     30 333 30
      Lube-Shuttle  Grease Spray Unit LubeJet-eco
      This air operated grease spray unit enables the spraying
      of grease directly from the Lube-Shuttle  system-cartridge without
      the need for propellants or chemical additives, such as solvents.
      Spraying grease onto chains, wire ropes, open gears, slideways,
      telescopic booms etc. offers enormous potential for cost savings.
      Eliminates wasteful consumption of grease in surface coating, offers
      wide range of applications.

      Lube-Shuttle® grease spray unit LubeJet-eco        33 780 80
      Spray Lances Set for Lube-Shuttle  LubeJet-eco
      Spray lances set for LubeJet-eco with safety quick-
      coupler incl. three straight spraying lances 500/750 and
      1200 mm and one bent lance 170/55 mm.
      Lances are made of stainless steel (1.4301) 8mm

      Spray lances Set for Lube-Shuttle® LubeJet-eco     33 782 95
      Lube-Shuttle  Air Operated Grease Gun DF-LS
      One-hand air operated grease gun for Lube-Shuttle   cartridges,
      designed for grease up to NLGI class 3, single shot system,
      output approx. 1 ccm per stroke, pressure ratio 1:60,
      max. pressure 480 bar (6.950 psi), air pressure  3 to 8 bar

      Lube-Shuttle® DF-LS with rigid tube E4024, R1/8"   30 371 09
      Lube-Shuttle® DF-LS with hose RH-30C, R1/8"        30 373 07
      Lube-Shuttle  Dispenser Lube-Shot 400
      Designed to apply grease to all open surfaces, such as uncaged
      roller bearings. The dispenser will replace traditional, messy
      methods of application with open cartridges and brushes.
      The use of this dispenser will permit clean and uncontaminated
      greasing of open bearings. Lube-Shot 400 with nozzle, screw cap
      and an adaptor nozzle for the Lube-Shuttle  system-cartridge.
      Lube-Shuttle® dispenser Lube-Shot 400              30 001 10
      Nozzle-Set Lube-Shot 400
      Nozzle with closure cap
      for the Lube-Shuttle  system cartridge
      Nozzle-Set Lube-Shot 400                           30 009 05

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