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      Table of Contents                                                                                        Page

      Lube-Shuttle  - Grease Gun System                                                                           6

      Grease-Guns, One-Hand Guns, Suction and Filling Guns                                                       12

      Grease Guns suitable for 500g Screw-Cap Cartridges                                                         16

      Battery Operated Grease Guns 18 V and Accessories                                                          18

      Lubrication Accessories , Grease Nipples, Systems Fittings, Systems Hose and                               23
      Filling Gun

      Oil Cans, Chemical Sprayers, Measures and Funnels                                                          35

      Filler Pumps for Grease Guns, Cartridges, Centralised Lubrication Systems                                  40
      and High Pressure Bucket Grease Units

      One Hand Air Operated Grease and Oil Guns, High Pressure Grease Pumps,                                     45
      Grease Spray Equipment, Air Line Couplings/Fittings and Air Management Kits

      Drum Key, Hand Pumps for Oil, Diesel and other Fluids, Barrel Taps, Adaptors,                              51
      Portable Oil Dispensers

      Pneumatic Pump Kits and Accessories for Oil, Diesel, Antifreeze and other                                  57

      Steel Tanks and Accessories, Pneumatic Oil Pump Kits to fit Tanks and IBC’s,                               61
      Electric Oil Pumps and Kits

      Hose End Meters and Control Guns, FLUICON Fluid-Management System                                          70

      Hose Reel Stands, Hose Reels, Hose Reel Kits and Wall Mounted Drip Trays                                   77

      Diesel Pump Equipment and Accessories                                                                      82

      Adblue  Pump Equipment and Accessories                                                                     86

      Adaptors, Pipe Fittings and Pneumatic Waste Oil Pump                                                       89

      Waste Oil Drainers, Specialist Equipment and Sump Pallets                                                  90

      Terms & Conditions                                                                                         94

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      4                               MATO GmbH & Co. KG                         Issue 21
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