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High Quality Lubrication Equipment

             for High-Quality Lubricants

             Every machine or piece of plant has moving parts. Lubricants are necessary to reduce friction, minimise wear
             and to offer protection against the intrusion of impurities and corrosion.
             These lubricants can only fulfill their defined and intended functions if they are delivered cleanly, safely and in
             the required volumes.

             In all sectors of production, maintenance and repair, lubricant is often delivered at high pressure creating
             risks for operators, machinery and the environment. The complete range of MATO lubrication equipment
             enables our customers to handle and supply lubricants reliably, safely, economically and ecologically.

             Products for handling lubricating greases, hydraulic and lubricating oils are supplemented by an intelligent
             range of pumps and accessories for fluids such as diesel, fuel oil and two stroke fuels: this range culminating
             in our modern fluid management system, FLUICON.

             In addition to this range we specialize in bespoke Centralized Lubrication Systems and Installations. Please
             contact our office for details.

             State of the art production takes place in our fully automated manufacturing facility and, thanks to a
             consistent, rigorous and customer-focused quality policy, MATO Lubrication Equipment enjoys a worldwide
             reputation for excellence.

             MATO Lubrication Equipment
             Fluid Handling Products

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