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      Oil Guns, Suction Guns, Transfer Pump and Concrete Repair Gun

      Description               Images and specifications can be subject to change without notice  Part No.
      Side Lever Oil Gun, High Pressure
      500cc Capacity, Screw Type Air Release Valve.
      Short Stroke delivery, special piston for use with oil.
      Rigid Tube 6" (150mm) and 4 jaw Precision Hydraulic Connector with
      Non-Return Valve

      Colour: Silver
      Packaging: Carton                                  30 701 44                       Price recommendation without obligation

      High Pressure Push Gun for - Oil - Fluid  - Grease
      Special Push Type Gun for oil, petroleum, aerosols and oil
      containing additives, black powder coated with rigid tube, universal
      and conical connector. Yellow protection cap.
      Pressure Capability - 150Bar (2200psi) Output: 0.5 cc's per stroke.

      Precision Made. 150cc Capacity                     32 615 80

      Suction Oil Gun
      Plunger Operated for Gearbox Filling & Emptying.
      With Flexible Suction Tube.
      Colour: Black
      Packing: Carton

      Suction Oil Gun 500cc                              SOG1
      Suction Oil Gun 1000cc                             SOG4

      Dual Action Transfer Pump
      500cc Volume Displacement For Oils, Anti-Freeze, Fuels.
      500mm Suction and Transfer Hoses.

      Packaging: Carton                                  34 600 20

      Side Lever Gun for Concrete Repair
      Lever gun based on our all steel grease gun with sealed container.
      600ccm, thread M10x1.
      Effortless compression of epoxy and PU resins, into i.e cracks,
      with injection packer, achieves high pressure level.

      Lever Gun for Concrete Repair                      30 620 64    25

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