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Catalogue Issue 17

                   Lube-Shuttle Accessories, Grease Spray Unit, Air Operated Grease Gun and Dispenser
      Description    Specifications can be subject to change without notice  Part No.
      High Pressure Rubber Hose
      for AccuGreaser 14.4-S + LS
      High pressure safety hose ø 13mm, hexagonal end fittings for
      positive and safe installation, burst pressure 1,650 bar (double
      steel wire braided), either with or without 4-Jaw hydraulic coupler.

      RH-75    750mm  Thread  R 1/8", without Coupler   32 585 80
      RH-75C  750mm  Thread  R 1/8", with Coupler       32 589 48
      Carrying Strap for AccuGreaser
      Simple, fast and secure strap ensuring easy and comfortable
      operation of the battery driven grease gun.

      Carrying Strap for AccuGreaser 14.4-S + LS        34 259 99
      Lube-Shuttle  Grease Spray Unit LubeJet-eco For
      400 Gram Screw Cap Cartridges
      This Air Pressure Operated Grease Spray Unit enables the spraying
      of grease directly from the Lube-Shuttle® System-Cartridge without
      the need for propellants or chemical additives such as solvents.
      Spraying grease onto chains, wire ropes, open gears, slideways,
      telescopic booms etc offers enormous potential for cost savings.
      The wasteful application of grease is history. The wide range of uses
      is literally unlimited.

      Lube-Shuttle  Grease Spray Unit LubeJet-eco       33 780 80
      Lube-Shuttle  Air Operated Grease Gun DF-LS For
      400 Gram Screw Top Cartridges
      One Hand Air Operated Grease Gun for Lube-Shuttle® Cartridges,
      designed for grease to NLGI class 3, single shot system,
      output 1ccm per stroke, pressure ratio 1:60,
      max. pressure 480 bar / 6,950 psi, air pressure  3 to 8 bar.

      DF-LS with rigid tube E4024 R1/8", with Coupler   30 371 09
      DF-LS with rubber hose RH-30C R1/8", with Coupler   30 373 07
      Lube-Shuttle  Dispenser Lube-Shot 400
      Designed to apply grease to all open surfaces, such as uncaged
      roller bearings. The dispenser will replace traditional, messy
      methods of application with open cartridges and brushes.
      The use of this dispenser will permit clean and uncontaminated
      greasing of open bearings. Lube-Shot 400 with nozzle, screw cap
      and an adaptor nozzle for the Lube-Shuttle  System-Cartridge.

      Lube-Shuttle  Dispenser Lube-Shot 400             30 001 10
      Nozzle-Set Lube-Shot 400
      Nozzle with Closure Cap
      for the Lube-Shuttle  - System-Cartridges
      Nozzle-Set Lube-Shot 400                          30 009 05
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